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You've made the decision to add to your staff, what next?

Let Search Group Princeton assist you with your needs.

Whether you need the SGP to handle the entire hiring process or supplement your own efforts, the first step to finding the right candidates for you is preparing a thorough job description. We work closely with clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills needed. This enables us to narrow the search and find the people best suited not only to the position but also appropriate for the culture of your company. Finding the right fit is a critical part of the search process. Once this is completed, we will submit resumes of candidates that have been prescreened and interviewed for your review. We will arrange interviews for each candidate you select to meet. You may see as many or as few candidates as you wish, without paying a fee.

Search Group Princeton has access to the best and most qualified
candidates in all areas. We strive to find the most talented and diverse professionals to join your team. Our staff is highly experienced in the recruiting and placement industry and is ready to fulfill your needs.

You may select SGP as a supplement to your efforts. We encourage our clients to meet as many candidates as they can to find the one best suited for your company. We will work with you throughout the interviewing process to fine-tune your search, in the event your needs are revised.

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